Give Yourself A Real Chance at Debt Freedom

Debt freedom topics are all around us! No matter what time of the year we’re talking about, there’s always a chance to make sure that you get out of debt and stay that way. It just depends on the level of debt that you’re looking at. For some people, getting out of debt means a few months of deep concentration. However, when you have a lot of debt it might take you a lot longer to get out of debt than a few months. You might have to be committed for the long run, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You just need to make sure that you have things under control as much as possible.

The better option to take when you’re trying to get out of debt is to change your whole lifestyle. Don’t think that you have to cut yourself off from all spending, but you definitely need to get it under control. You might be surprised at everything you’re willing to give up in order to get out of debt. The extra interest alone is taking you away from getting other things done.

This path to debt freedom isn’t something short term. You’re going to have to commit to a long time of getting out of debt on every level. It might not be a fast way, but it is a consistent way.

The best tool that may be at your disposal would be the Individual Voluntary Agreement, or IVA. This is designed to really get you on a path to get out of debt, because at the end of your IVA period, you will have your debts discharged. This gives you the clean slate that you’ve been looking for, but you have to remember to make all of your payments on time. If it helps, you can even make them earlier than your due date. The point is to start building a consistent rhythm. Even after your debts are taken care of, you’ll have enough left over for a lot of the things that you really want, and better financial habits in place to get them!

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