Finding Extra Funds

Despite the fact that interest rates are low at the moment, there are still people who are finding it difficult to make their repayments on things like mortgages. It can be a good idea to work hard on making sure that you always have enough money to pay out what you need to each month. Sometimes it can seem that each month you are struggling a bit more and it can lead to you not being able to make ends meet before the next pay day.

If this is the case, then it could be that a lump sum of money could help. Some people choose to sell some of their possessions to help out with getting money. Others may try to increase their earnings in a selection of ways. One way that you might be able to get some extra money is to make a PPI claim.

A PPI refund could add up to being a significant amount of money. If you had been paying for unwanted PPI for a significant period of time then it could be that you could get all of that money back. This could be enough to help you get back on your feet with regards to your financial situation.

It may seem like an odd way to get some extra money, but it is perfectly legitimate and could be quite simple. You will need to look in to your old paperwork and find out the account numbers which refer to those accounts that you think may have had PPI on them and then get in touch with those companies to find out whether PPI was part of the charge that you were paying. You will then need to fill out a claim form and if the company think that you were paying it without you needing it, being aware of it or when you did not want it, you may get a refund.

The amount that you get paid will be the amount that you paid out in total. This will therefore depend on how much you were paying each month and how long you were paying it for. You may even find that you are still paying it now and you may wish to stop. Obviously PPI does have a purpose and you may like having that cover, so do not cancel it unless you are sure of what it is and what the advantages of having it are.

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